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Definition of one

Electronic dance grooves with hip hop undertones and splashes of funk and rock help this band create a unique blend of elements which display their cohesion and talents. The band enthusiastically delves into psychedelic caverns from which there is no escape...not that anyone would ever want to escape. The epic grooves that result from the band’s ability to patiently build their improvisations to euphoric climaxes make dancing irresistible. Feet move and bodies turn whether they Like it, or not as audiences become entranced in the music. The band’s willingness to delve into supersonic vortexes of aural exploration drives its live improvisation into every untapped corner of the universe. Audiences across the Mid-Atlantic have followed Definition Of One on these journeys into euphoria and the band is consistently gaining ground.



Influenced heavily by The Disco Biscuits, Lotus, and STS9, their style fuses a various genres of music into a mix of structured songs and extended jams. Improvisation maintains the key aspect that makes Definition of One’s music unique. In their short time touring they have shared bills with established acts like DrFameus, Future Rock, Orchard Lounge, Reid Speed, Griz, The Mantras, ELM and have landed on their regions top festivals bills including Camp Barefoot, Mad Tea Party Jam, Under the Stars, Doah Fest & Gotta Fest. As a diverse group of multi-talented musicians each member has a deep sense of community and respect for all artists and walks of life. There aim is to creatively influence perceptive mindsets through their interpretation of music and visual arts.

Jake Broughton


James blake


Daniel Griffith


Travis Jenkins


erik bennett


Photo Credit: Moon Daze Photography
Photo Credit: Moon Daze Photography
Photo Credit: Moon Daze Photography
Photo Credit: Moon Daze Photography
Photo Credit: Moon Daze Photography




                 Early 2017